ISTD exam uniform is worn for most ballet classes and is described below. Beginners do not have to purchase all items immediately. We sell uniform items cheaper than most shop prices.

Wearing uniform helps the children have a professional attitude to their grooming from an early age. Dressing correctly also helps with ease of movement for the pupil, and very importantly, enables the teacher to see that correct and safe technique is used, ensuring the pupils progress and safeguarding against injury. Consistently bad technique or poor teaching can be a cause of soft tissue injury and poor muscular development in growing bodies!

It also helps the children treat the class more formally, as although we want them to have fun and enjoy their dancing, we also want to encourage commitment, teamwork and pride in their achievements, to facilitate learning.


Beginners & Primary:

ISTD Imperial Ballet blue ballet leotard

ISTD Imperial Ballet blue chiffon skirt

Pink seamed ballet tights

Pink satin ballet shoes with ribbons

Pink/blue cross-over cardigan -optional

Hair tied back neatly

Grades I - IV

ISTD Imperial Ballet blue leotard

Pink seamed ballet tights

Pink satin ballet shoes with ribbons

Cross-over cardigan (optional)

Hair in tight bun with hairnet

Grades V

ISTD black strapped leotard


Sleeveless Modern Catsuit, colour of choice

Barefeet for Modern, White socks for tap

White tap shoes for beginners & lower grades;

these may be canvas with heeltaps fitted separately

Black leather lace-up shoes for higher grades